Facial Oils…Myth or Magic?

So…are facial oils the magical ingredient for dry or aging skin? Well, yes and no. First you have to understand that there are multiple steps that are involved with treating dry or aging skin. (I won’t discuss all of them here, but your can check out my other blogs and get the full scoop).

The first step is to have skin properly exfoliated and cleansed to get it ready to fully accept the delicious treats you are about to bestow upon it! All those dead skin cells just keep those goodies away from where they can do the most good. But don’t overdo it!!

Second is to give the skin some hydrating ingredients in the form of HUMECTANTS. These are SUPER important because they bind moisture to the skin. Humectants are also something that we make in our youth, but declines with age. Check out my blog about the different humectants to look for and how they work!

Thirdly is where the oils come in. But not just any oil! Of course we want to stay away from petroleum based products, but some other oils can be irritating or comedogenic (pore clogging). Surprisingly coconut and olive oils can cause breakouts in some, so they are not my first choice for the carrier oils in my products. Different oils have different emollient properties. I love love Avocado oil for dry skin, but grapeseed oil is a better choice for acneic skin. Each oil from nature has it’s own Essential Fatty Acid profile, along with scores of antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatories.

So how do the oils help with moisturizing process? It’s all in the skin, literally! Our skin is lipophilic, which means it loves oils! That also means that water based products won’t absorb so well. But oils act not only as a barrier to keep moisture in, it also acts as a carrier to bring essential ingredients further into the skin. But keep in mind it can also carry bad things in too, so keep away from chemicals and preservatives in your skin care products!