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Winter is coming! And so is dehydrated skin…ugh!

With winter upon us something to keep in mind is that, when the skin is severely dehydrated, it may require more than just a twice a day application of your oil to maintain moisture. When I first started using facial oils 5 years ago, I was applying oil up to 5 times a day in the winter! The key is to never let it feel dry. It’s kinda like when your body is thirsty for water. You can’t combat dehydration on the inside by just drinking water twice a day. And when your skin is challenged by environmental, genetic and hormonal conditions, it needs extra care too! I know that some people are of the mind that if you put...

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Facial Oils…Myth or Magic?

So…are facial oils the magical ingredient for dry or aging skin? Well, yes and no. First you have to understand that there are multiple steps that are involved with treating dry or aging skin. (I won’t discuss all of them here, but your can check out my other blogs and get the full scoop). The first step is to have skin properly exfoliated and cleansed to get it ready to fully accept the delicious treats you are about to bestow upon it! All those dead skin cells just keep those goodies away from where they can do the most good. But don’t overdo it!! Second is to give the skin some hydrating ingredients in the form of HUMECTANTS. These are...

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Green Beauty

When her highly respected oncologist said he believed 80% of cancers came from environmental causes, she was stunned. And when my friend told me this, so was I. Sure, this doctor meant influences in the air, water, and our surroundings. But that’s not all. He also was referring to what we put into and onto our physical bodies. This is not an entirely new idea. The significant percentage dramatically reinforces the importance of our choices. Clearly, making conscious choices about what we put on our bodies in terms of lotions, sunscreens, skin treatments, makeup and more should be a high priority. How do we begin? It starts with a commitment to awareness. Each of us can choose to be aware...

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