Winter is coming! And so is dehydrated skin…ugh!

With winter upon us something to keep in mind is that, when the skin is severely dehydrated, it may require more than just a twice a day application of your oil to maintain moisture. When I first started using facial oils 5 years ago, I was applying oil up to 5 times a day in the winter! The key is to never let it feel dry. It’s kinda like when your body is thirsty for water. You can’t combat dehydration on the inside by just drinking water twice a day. And when your skin is challenged by environmental, genetic and hormonal conditions, it needs extra care too!

I know that some people are of the mind that if you put oil on your skin it will no longer make it’s own oil. In my experience as a medical aesthetician, I have seen the difference between people that don’t use oils properly, and those that follow the proper steps to include oils in their moisturizing regimen. As we move up in years, we move down in the very things that give our skin it’s bounce: skin cell turnover, the decrease in production of humectants (think hyaluronic acid, and production of sebum all of which over time can result in fine (and not so fine) lines and skin laxity. We may not be able to do anything about gravity, but we DO have the ability to maintain our skin’s moisture. It does take some effort! But hey, it is totally worth it I promise!