Purify Facial Oil Cleanser
Purify Facial Oil Cleanser

Purify Facial Oil Cleanser

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If you have already tried the Oil Cleansing Method, you know how amazing it is to have your skin feel soft and vibrant after you cleanse! If you haven't yet, OCM (or the oil cleansing method) utilizes oils to grab onto and dissolve stubborn oil plugs and dirt/toxins that have accumulated during the day. When you gently massage and then remove the oils, all the icky gunk comes with it, leaving your skin soft and clean without the stripping of most cleansers! This blend of oils not only leaves your skin soft, but helps with inflammatory processes that might be going on due to acne, rosacea or over stripping the skin. Be aware that the unrefined oils in Purify are bright orange, so maybe skip the pure white washcloths with this one! 


For stressed skin, healing ingredients calm redness and leave skin soothed and soft. 

4 oz.  with pump dispenser

2 oz. Travel size with dropper


Organic oils: grapeseed, castor, almond, rosehip seed, evening primrose, sea buckthorn with essential oils of rosemary, cardamom, bergamot and lemon